Welcome to the HK Bar Professional Indemnity Administration website. 

The Hong Kong Bar Association require (see compulsory Information) that all Barristers wishing to practice subscribe to the Association’s Master Professional Indemnity Insurance policy “master policy”.

This site provides an administration function only. The portal below allows the HK Bar members  to access their certifcates attaching to the Professional Indemnity "master policy" and "top up" facility placed by WillisTowersWatson.Ltd.


How to Apply

Accessing the HK Bar Professional Indemnity certificate is a quick and simple process. 

Barristers can access their certifcate attaching to the master policy and top up insurance by clicking below and providing the relevant information.


a hard copy proposal form and send it directly the address and contact details on it.




Compulsory Information

It is a legal requirement under sections 31 and 44 of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance (Cap 159) that a barrister must inter alia hold a valid practising certificate and be covered by professional indemnity insurance before he /she can practise.

Below please find the relevant information and links for your easy reference:

Admission under s. 27(1) of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance - Overview flow chart of the steps to be taken at various stages of pupillage



How to make a claim

The Claims Procedures can be found here for your information.

All claims must be notified to:

Either by post to:

Martin Giggins
17/F, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

or email:

Tel: (852) 2195 5633